WinProp - Urban Databases

Manhattan, New York
In urban scenarios, vector building databases achieve the highest accuracy in the path loss predictions. Cylinders with polygonal ground planes and flat rooftops are called 2.5D or 3D vector databases. The objects (i.e. buildings) in the vector building databases should be compatible to the following requirements:
  • An urban building is described with a polygonal (vertical) cylinder. The database consists of multiple cylinders.
  • Ground plane of each building can have an arbitrary number of corners. Wallman will automatically remove corners if they are redundant.
  • Flat rooftop (uniform height of building). Each building can have an individual height.
  • Individual characterization of material properties for each building possible
  • Vegetation blocks (parks and trees) - either defined as polygonal cylinder (similar to a building - but with different material properties) or imported via a pixel map (clutter map)
  • Bridges possible (i.e. horizontal plates (polygonal shape) with user-defined thickness, not touching the ground)
  • Additional consideration of topography (link to topography page) possible (either building height relative to ground level or absolute to sea level).
If WinProp's CNP module is selected to model combined urban/indoor scenarios, indoor walls can be considered additionally. With CNP non-flat-rooftops can also be modeled.

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