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Graphical Database Editor WallMan

The WallMan software tool offers a convenient facility to generate and edit vector building databases (e.g. for urban and indoor scenarios). Especially the 3D view of the building data helps to detect errors in the database. Several import filters for standard GIS (MapInfo, Arcview,..) CAD (DXF, Shapefile,...) and pixel formats (Bitmaps,...) are available.

Types of Vector Databases

WallMan supports two different types of vector databases:

  • 2.5D (all objects are polygonal cylinders with vertical orientation)
  • 3D (arbitrary planar objects in full 3D)

The 2.5D data format can be used to describe urban scenarios while the 3D data format is more flexible and supports arbitrary scenarios incl. indoor or tunnel environments.

2.5D Databases 3D Databases
  • Polygonal cylinders with vertical orientation
  • Arbitrary number of corners
  • Flat top (uniform height of cylinder/building)
  • Individual characterization of material properties for polygonal cylinder
  • Horizontal plates (e.g. Bridges) can be defined as polygonal plates
  • Vegetation blocks (e.g. parks, trees,...) can be defined as polygonal cylinders
  • Additional consideration (overlay) of topography (pixel data format) possible
  • 3D vector databases can be imported.
  • A polygonal cylinder describes the shape around the 3D data (e.g. for CNP models)
  • Enter buildings in 2D display (top view in x-y plane)
  • 3D view of database possible
  • Polygonal planar objects with arbitrary orientation
  • Arbitrary number of corners
  • All corners of object are in one plane (planar objects)
  • Individual characterization of material properties for each planar object
  • Definition of subdivisions (doors, windows,…) with different material properties possible
  • Non-deterministic objects (persons, furniture,…) can be defined
  • Time-variant properties can be assigned to each object (e.g. for time-variant scenarios)
  • Shape around building automatically defined as polygonal cylinder to import 3D databases into 2.5D databases (e.g. for CNP models)
  • Enter buildings in three different 2D displays (x-y, y-z and x-z-planes)
  • 3D view of database possible


WallMan offers many feature to convert, create and edit databases:

  • Vector oriented CAD-tools (move, delete, edit,...)
  • Dialogs for the settings of the material properties (individual or default values)
  • Zoom features for the display
  • Converters for a variety of GIS (MapInfo, Arcview,..), CAD (DXF, Shapefile,...) and pixel (Bitmap) data formats
    • MapInfo
    • ArcView (Shapefile)
    • Data Exchange Format DXF (2D, 3D)
    • AutoCAD Format (DWG)
    • Stereolithography Format (STL)
    • Geb (Pegasos,...) and Gen format
    • Aircom ASSET/ ENTERPRISE (NSN NetAct)
    • Agilent Wizard
    • MSI Planet (Siemens Tornado)
    • and many more..
  • Filters for export of databases in open ASCII file format (either urban or indoor)
  • 3D view (with rotation, zoom,...)
  • Mark and find objects
  • Detection of errors in the databases
  • Dialogs for the settings concerning the preprocessing of databases
  • Bitmap image (e.g. scanned map of the city or map of the building) can be put in the background and the vector-defined buildings/walls can be drawn over the bitmap

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