WinProp - WallMan Time-variant Objects


The tool WallMan allows the definition of the properties of non-stationary obbjects in time variant scenarios. Time variant behavior can be assigned to each element (or to groups of elements) in the 3D vector database individually.

Additionally WallMan allows to work with vehicle databases, which are often used in time variant scenarios.

WallMan with a time-variant scenario
(several vehicles on a straight street)

Definition of Time Variance

Definition of time variance.

Translation and rotation events can be assigned to each object (or group of objects) in the vector database of a time variant scenario. WallMan offers a "time variant" mode to configure the time variant properties of all objects.

The time variant events (such as translation and rotation) are defined with respect to the distance, the selected object has already covered. The definition of several transformation properties for one object with respect to different distances is of course possible and allows arbitrary movements of objects.

There are two different properties available:

  • Translation along a vector

  • Rotation around a rotation center

Road Course Generator

Example of an automatically generated road course, with guardrails and jambs.

A further software package is available for the simple and fast generation of road courses. This tool is evident when studying in Car2Car communication scenarios. As typical road courses are not linearly, it would be very complicated to enter a road course manually. Therefore the road course can be defined with different types of parts of streets, e.g. straight streets and curves. Straight streets are only defined by their length, whereas curves are defined by angle, radius and the direction (left or right). Out of these definitions the road course is created and guardrails and jambs are automatically added to the borders of the streets. These streets can then be imported into WallMan and can be combined with buildings, vegetation, and other 3D objects to model complex scenarios.


Here some examples for vector databases with time variant objects are shown. All these databases have been generated with WinProp (a click on the images will enlarge them).

Parking scenario inside building.
Metro station with moving trains.

Adaptive cruise control scenario.
Railroad station with moving trains.

Altair Japanのメールマガジン